Freegal Music - Download and stream popular music

Freegal Music - Download and stream popular music
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Freegal is a free music service that gives you free and legal access to millions of songs and thousands of music videos from over 100 countries. There is no software to download to your computer and there are no DRM (Digital Rights Management) restrictions. Freegal does, however impose a weekly limit on how many titles you can download to your own devices.

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Because Freegal has agreements in place with tens of thousands of record labels, if you search for a particular title, album, or artist, chances are good that you’ll find what you’re looking for.

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Freegal provides a number of ways to browse its vast collection for music that may be of interest. You can browse long lists of featured artists on the home page. 

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You can also browse new releases and the most popular titles at your own library and across the country.

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Music in Freegal is also cataloged by genre, giving you yet another way to browse for an artist that might be of interest.

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If streaming is available from your library, you may want to check out the playlists that Freegal provides, or, create playlists of your own favorite songs.


If you want to take your music with you on a mobile device, you can transfer your downloads to your own mobile devices. Freegal also has mobile apps that you can install on Android and Apple (iOS) devices. These apps let you download songs directly to your mobile device.

Power User Tips:

  • Music is downloaded in mp3 format without DRM (Digital Rights Management).
  • You may only have download ability, streaming music is an optional service. If you have streaming you will see Streaming at the upper left in your browser when you are logged into Freegal (see the 2nd image in the Intro read tab).
  • There are weekly download limits and there may be streaming limits. The week ends at 12:00 am Sunday night and so, begins Monday morning at 12:01 am. Music videos count for 2 downloads against your limit. Once you start a download it is counted against your limit even if you cancel.
  • The songs available from the Sony Music Catalogue are filtered by your library's country.
  • There are Android and iOS (Apple) apps for Freegal in the Google and Apple App Stores.
  • For Kindle Fire devices you can install the Android app through the “download from unknown sources" method using
  • Since Freegal doesn't maintain your music collection, if your collection is lost, Freegal is unable to restore it and you will need to start over downloading the music from Freegal.
  • You cannot download albums, you must download each song on an album one at a time.

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