OverDrive - eBooks, Audiobooks and more

OverDrive - eBooks, Audiobooks and more
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OverDrive allows you to enjoy digital titles paid for by your library on your own personal computer or your own digital devices. 

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The lending model in OverDrive works just like it does with physical items: The library purchases some number of digital copies based on local budget and local demand. Library patrons are then given access to those digital copies up to the number the library has purchased. If there are no copies currently available, you can place a “hold” or a request for a copy as soon as one becomes available.

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This allows your library to purchase and make available popular and recently released titles.

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When you read an eBook in OverDrive, you are free to download your copy to multiple different devices, your phone, your tablet, and your personal computer, for example. OverDrive keeps track of your progress as you read, so when you open the book on a different device, you can pick up right where you left off.

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