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Transparent Language Online - Language learning
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Transparent Language Online is a language learning system that will teach you to read, write, speak, and understand a foreign language. It offers training in more than 100 different languages, including English learning courses for speakers of more than 25 different languages.

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At the heart of the learning experience is a sequence of lessons called “My Learning Path”. This path is populated with a recommended set of lessons to help you build your skills step-by-step. You can order, add, and remove lessons from your path as you choose. You may also, for example, choose to mark lessons as “learned” if you’re already familiar with the material.

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The lessons in “My Learning Path” include a variety of learning exercises that let you listen, practice speaking, notice grammar, and become familiar with the written language. 

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Many languages contain an Alphabet Course, for example, which is especially useful for non-Latin based languages. 

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The speaking exercises use a technology called EveryVoice to help you compare your pronunciation of words and phrases to that of a native speaker. In some of these exercises, you will use your voice to provide an answer Instead of simply clicking with your mouse.

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As you learn, Transparent Language Online keeps track of how many words and phrases you’ve mastered. 


Over time, the system will help you commit your new language to long-term memory by marking words and phrases as “stale”. This will prompt you revisit and refresh this knowledge. 

Next to your Learning Path you'll find a wide variety of Practice activities that provide fun and engaging ways to use your new language and hone in on your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

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To help you learn on the go, Transparent Language Online is fully functional on tablet web browsers. The companion mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire devices give you flash card practice wherever you are. 


You can also download the iPAD app for free using the provided username and mobile password.

More than just an online course in each language, Transparent Language Online provides the resources to learn, sustain, and grow your language skills.

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